Sunbeam Watercress has been trading since 1934 when Ivor Noble purchased Manor Farm with a small area of existing watercress beds. Having a good supply of natural chalk spring water, Ivor decided to develop watercress production on a larger scale to supply local greengrocers, catering, shipping and wholesale markets across the country. The area under cultivation was increased in stages firstly by widening existing beds and then excavating new areas adjacent to the existing beds to a total of 7 acres by 1955.

Throughout World War 2, watercress was delivered daily to Southampton, supplying Navy Ships and Ocean Liners. Trading then increased with Liners travelling to North America, South Africa and Australia, taking a large percentage of production. The next 30 years saw these liners being replaced by Cruise Ships travelling from Southampton, which Sunbeam Watercress continue to provide for today.

In 1963, Ivor’s son Rod came into the business and soon took over the day to day running. Sunbeam continued to grow as a successful business supplying watercress predominately to the South of England. Today, Rod’s youngest son Graham has joined forces with his father to continue in his footsteps and carry on supplying the highest quality, traditionally grown watercress for years to come.

Sunbeam Watercress remains a family run business that aims to produce the highest quality watercress consistently for 52 weeks of the year. Our watercress is grown and matured to perfection in beautiful natural chalk spring water, giving it a strong, unique peppery taste.

Only traditional methods are used on our farm, as it is grown, cut, washed and packed all by hand. This ensures a natural produce is supplied in its freshest state the same day to wholesale, restuarants, caterers and grocers across the South of England all year round. During summer months Sunbeam supplies cruise liners weekly sailing out of Southampton.